CRIMinal Studios is no longer a web design, or even a graphic design house.  After several years of creating and building for others, we have decided to start doing things for ourselves.  We will still continue to sell artwork and graphics, but it will be our own.  Champ and Skip are still available for destroying cities and causing mayhem. They may even get their own sites.

We will open up a shop, eventually, when we get around to it.

Trey Crim
Serena Crim






the CRIMinals

  • Champ the Dinosaur

    Champ joined CRIMinal Studios after Trey accidentally let him in the house.

    His specialties:

    Pooping on canvas
    Smashing things
    Destroying buildings

    Eating people

    His weaknesses:


    Godzilla movie marathons

    Do not anger Champ.  He still has a chip on his shoulder about the ice age.

  • Skip the Robot

    Skip joined the CRIMinals by force.  He claimed that someone had sent him back in time to save us from assassins.  Skip is full of lies.

    His specialties:

    Telling lies
    Wasting batteries

    Destroying things with lasers

    Popping and locking


    His weaknesses:

    Terminator movie marathons

    Cupcakes with sprinkles

    Never cross Skip.  Breakdancing robots, with lasers, should not be underestimated.

  • The Crims

    The CRIMinals used to design and code websites.  Now, they just sell artwork and graphics... when they feel like it.  It's pretty awesome.

    Their specialties:

    Art stuff and sometimes things
    Dinosaur wrangling

    Wearing pants
    Drawing fat superheros
    Lego photography

    Their weaknesses:

    Alligator dance-offs

    Dinosaurs and robots


Criminal Studios